Two views of the Sun

Posted: June 28, 2012 in Imaging, Sun

What a great lightning storm in Newcastle today! And a really eventful drive home which at one point involved navigating through a small lake of drifting traffic cones, in much the same way as I used to navigate a spaceship to avoid hitting asteroids in my youth.

The last thing you’d expect on a day like this is to be setting up the telescope to grab some images.  By 8pm the Sun was beginning to peek through the clouds.  I abandoned the Italy-Germany match and got set up in the bedroom because the Sun was too low to see from the garden.

Here is the view in Hydrogen Alpha:


The Sun has been almost blank in white-light in recent days – barely a sunspot to shake a stick at.  That’s all changed now as the next image shows:


Now it’s getting dark and the sky is completely clear.  Now what….bed or noctilucent cloud hunting?  The night is still young and the camera battery is charged.


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