I have been an amateur astronomer since…..well, I can’t remember exactly when. I remember a close conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn and a total lunar eclipse in the early 1980s but I was already hooked on astronomy by then. My first telescopes were disappointing small refractors promising big magnifications. My first proper telescope was a 6″ Coulter Dobsonian imported from the US. What I saw through this caused me to upgrade to a 10″ Callisto Dob before I became a poor PhD student. I added Argo Navis digital setting circles a couple of years later.  I think I caught what astronomers call “aperture fever” and now I own a 16″ Meade LightBridge!  Recently I added a Meade LX10 (8 inch) with HEQ5 Pro mount so that I could do some more advanced imaging.  I have a personal website here.

A paper based on some of my magnification mammography research was published in the IOP journal Physics in Medicine and Biology (Jannetta et al 2004).  You can read it for free here.  I earned my PhD in 2005 for a thesis demonstrating how maximum entropy deconvolution could be applied to different kinds of medical images.

I was elected a Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society in 2006.  I have dabbled in a little bit of cosmology research with John Jackson (my PhD supervisor).  You can see the results of that here.

I trained to be a Mathematics teacher at Newcastle University and worked in a high school in Northumberland for two terms.  I have been a Maths Tutor on the Foundation Programme at INTO Newcastle University since April 2008.

I am a member of Northumberland Astronomical Society and was the Training Officer for most of 2000-2011.  I’m currently the Chairman of the club.  I’ve taught many courses and presented numerous talks on a variety of topics at club meetings and outreach sessions throughout the northeast of England.

What else?  I am a humanist, a Newcastle United fan and, despite years of others trying to persuade me otherwise, I don’t like olives.


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