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3D Cassini images

Posted: October 22, 2011 in Alignments, Anaglyphs

I’ve been mucking around with creating 3D images (anaglyphs) for the last couple of days now.  It occurred to me that I should be able to get some real images taken by a spacecraft flying past something and make an anaglyph from that.  The Cassini spacecraft orbiting Saturn sprang to mind.

The mission website is superb.  There’s a section of the website hosting the most recent raw (unprocessed) images from the spacecraft.  The first images I found were from a recent Enceladus flyby so I made this from two of the images:

That bright line in the picture is Saturnian ring system which viewed from almost exactly edgeways on.  Delving deeper into the raw images I found some more candidate images – an occultation of Titan by Rhea.

Here we have the biggest two moons of Saturn.  The diameter of Titan  is 5,152 km, making it larger than the planet Mercury.  You can see its hazy atmosphere in the picture.  Rhea, in the foreground is a mere 1,529 km in diameter.  The two moons are actually separated by about one and half million kms in this picture.

Must go and do some real work now!