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Happy days

Posted: June 18, 2012 in Personal

The summer solstice (for us northerners) approaches and I’m happy for two reasons.  Firstly, the solstice marks the start of a period when days begin to shorten and I can get back to doing some astronomy at a reasonable hour of the night.  My second reason to be cheerful is that I’ve got a solar telescope to play with until that happens.  Never again will you spoil my fun Earth’s axial tilt!


Or perhaps it’s 11D if M-theory turns out to be correct. Nevertheless, I’ve worked out how to make anaglyphs with GIMP.  Here’s an example I made using Celestia.  Get your red-cyan glasses out!

Looking back at the Earth from the farside of the Moon.  I got this by shifting the viewing location between two screen grabs and applying the “Make anaglyph” after installing it in GIMP.  Very easy!